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Background of Authentec

The origin of Authentec is a technical group that has been cultivated and accumulated over 25 years in sales and maintenance of Anritsu product TPP (Turret Punch Press ).
Authentec's background starts from the first Anritsu TPP.
After production stop of Anritsu TPP, we have continued maintenance and support for over 15 years.

Even if production of the machine is stopped, as long as the active product is exsist, we are the company who performs maintenance and takes care of the customer's important machine to the end. That is the Authentec.
we have installed 550 Anritsu TPPs at 350 companies so far. and we have the experience and trach record of continuing maintenance even the production has stopped.

Current years, we have been working on the development of our own products in order to solve various "problems" inqured from customers.
The newest case for example, we adopted the customer's request "Want to remove Kurokawa (oxidized film) in order to eliminate coating peeling and welding defects" , and developed a machine to remove oxidized film, welding dross and spatta that can be done with about one-tenth of the manual work.


July, 2002 Authentec Co., Ltd.stands for sales, maintenance and retrofit operations of sheet metal processing machines has established. Open a service base and start business development in the Kanto area.
2003 A service base at Osaka Prefecture has established. Started business development in the Kansai area.
2004 Established a service base in Miyagi Prefecture.
Micro joint detaching tool "PuruPuru Kun" has released .
2006 Conclude basic contracts with major domestic and overseas companies to expand business.
2007 Business advance to the Czech Republic and Mexico.
2008 Business advance to Taiwan
2009 In-house development and sales of "AuDeBu1000" has started.
2010 In-house development and sales of "Mini AuDeBu" has started.
2011 The simplified deburring machine "CarryAuDeBu" has released.
2012 Kanagawa Technical Center has established
In-house development and sales of "AuDeBu600" has started.
2013 Business advance to the New Zealand and Philippines.
AEvolved version of AuDeBu1000 , "AuDeBu1000 MP" has released. Simple washing machine "AuDeBu Racoon" prototype has completed.
2014 Business advance to the Malaysia, Singapore and China
2015 Business advance to the Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
2017 Moved Kanagawa Technical Center to Sagamihara for business expand.
In-house development and sales of "AuDeBu CX""AuDeBu1000MPF""AuDeBu Racoon800""AuDeBu1002 Robot" has started.