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Exhibit Machine

The following products are exhibited in this showroom normally . You could see the real machine at here.
If you had contact us in advance and bring your own sample pieces, you can test it with our exhibit machines.
※ The exhibited machines may not be on display due to the exhibition. Please inquire in advance.
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Deburring machine: Flagship model
"AuDeBuCX2 inherits the advantages of the AuDeBu series, and its operability, visibility, and compatible work size have been significantly improved due to "C-type frame + Dual conveyor".

AuDeBu 1000MPF

Deburring machine: High-end model
In addition to the fine grinding process of the conventional model AuDeBu1000, "AuDeBu 1000MPF" also possible strong deburring such as laser dross removal.

AuDeBu 1000

Deburring machine: Standard model
"AuDeBu 1000" always provides high quality round chamfering for increasing requirements from the site .

AuDeBu 600

Deburring machine: Space- saving model
"AuDeBu600" is an round chamfering finishing machine ideal for space-saving and high-quality edge deburring.

AuDeBu BlackLine1100

Deburring machine: Combination model
Oxidized film removal combination machine "AuDeBu BlackLine 1100" realizes removal of dross, sputtering, oxidized film and debris of protective sheet, round chamfering and hairline processing.

Carry AuDeBu

Deburring machine: Compact model
"CarryAuDeBu" is a deburring machine that specializes in deburring solid shapes and long workpieces. Also the built-in dust collector keeps the workplace clean.

AuDeBu 1002Robot

Work robot: Workpiece collection robot in cooperation with the AuDeBu series. The robot automatically collect just by feeding the workpiece into AuDeBu.

AuDeBu Racoon800

AuDeBu Washing machine: "AuDeBu Racoon800" is an automatic washing machine that can wash the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece in a single pass while preventing dust diffusion by inter-connectedly with AuDeBu1000.