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バリ取り機:Carry AuDeBu(キャリー オーデブ)

Deburring Machine:Carry AuDeBu

Feature:Portable Deburring Machine

Carry AuDeBu is a deburring machine specialized for three-dimensional, rounded, or contoured shapes and elongated products. Channel or angle edge faces of mechanical frames require a stable deburring quality, and accurate product assembly is directly related to the quality of the edge-face deburring technology. Carry AuDeBu is easy to operate for any user working on square pipes, or channel or angular edge faces.


You can place it anywhere you need!

Compact design includes wheels for mobility!


Brushes used in AuDeBu are reusable in Carry AuDeBu to the very end.

Built-in Dust Collecting Unit!!

Cyclone-type dust collecting unit is built in. Dust is collected in the bottom pail for easy disposal.

Various deburring OK!

Capable of Deburring Molded Products!

Unlike conventional deburring machines, Carry AuDeBu is capable of deburring complex shapes and is highly suitable for molded products.

Capable of Deburring Elongated Products!

Original frame design enables the deburring of long products.

Universal Brushes Compatible!

Brushes in all shapes and sizes are suitable for use. Brushes previously used in AuDeBu may be cut and reused in Carry AuDeBu. Exchanging brushes is easy.

Stable Quality!

Higher quality than disk grinders. Better working posture reduces physical fatigue. Easy to operate for women.

Example of Deburring Elongated Products

CarryAuDeBu C-frame enables use with long products.

Processing example for Angular surfaces/Square pipes/Round pipes

CarryAuDeBu is easy to use in the following cases.

1.Materials with angular surfaces, square pipes, or round pipes

2.Deburring small quantities

3.Removing oxide film left over from deburring various products

1 Angular Product Before

2 Angular Product After

3 Angular Product in Use

4 Square Pipe Before

5 Square Pipe After/p>

6 Square Pipe in Use

7 Round Pipe Before

8 Round Pipe After

9 Round Pipe in Use


Technical data

Width of the machine 720mm
Depth of the machine 936mm
Heights of the machine 1527mm
Weight of the machine 200kg
Maximum width of the work 無制限
Brush rotation speed 0〜800rpm 6-shift transmission
Main power 0.6kW
Supply voltage 200/220V

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.